N.Flying Kwon Kwang Jin to Leave the Group After His Dating Scandal with a Fan

Dec 26, 2018

N.Flying Kwon Kwang Jin to Leave the Group After His Dating Scandal with a Fan
K-pop boy band N.Flying's management agency FNC Entertainment announced the band's bassist Kwon Kwang Jin's departure from the band.

On December 26, FNC Entertainment released an official statement confirming Kwon Kwang Jin's departure from N.Flying.
Kwon Kwang JinFNC Entertainment's official statement is as follows:

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

In order to share the truth to fans regarding Kwon Kwang Jin, who recently expressed his wish to leave N.Flying, we put in effort to find out the truth through several additional meetings with him.

As a result, we have made the final decision for Kwon Kwang Jin to leave the team as we additionally confirmed the fact of him dating a fan.

However, he is strongly denying accusations of sexual harassment, and legal action is being taken against the ones who spread false information for defamation through online posts.

We feel regretful for causing trouble to fans with an unfortunate incident, and we will be more attentive to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

N.Flying will continue with unchanging activities as four members, and promises with fans to show more maturity and better music.
Kwon Kwang JinPreviously, various rumors of Kwon Kwang Jin have been circulated online that he allegedly was dating a fan, making sexually offensive comments to fans, and verbally harassing a fan in the past.

Many fans stepped forward claiming that they have witnessed such events occur, or were victim to incidents in the past.
N.FlyingMeanwhile, N.Flying is scheduled to release a new single on January 2 as a 4-member band.

(Credit= FNC Entertainment)

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