Hong Jin Young Helps out the Less Fortunate with Much-Needed Donation

Dec 27, 2018

Hong Jin Young Helps out the Less Fortunate with Much-Needed Donation
Korean trot singer Hong Jin Young surprised the public with a generous donation.

On December 26, Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF) held 'A Blue Lighthouse Singer Hong Jin Young Scholarship' ceremony at the foundation's Seoul office to express gratitude to Hong Jin Young who donated 100 million won (approximately 89,000 dollars) to the foundation.
Hong Jin YoungOn this day, Hong Jin Young delivered 100 million won to the foundation to help out the college students with their living expenses who are making a constant effort to continue their education despite their situation.

The money given to KOSAF will be distributed in the form of 'A Blue Lighthouse Singer Hong Jin Young Scholarship' to aid the college students in the first and the second semester of 2019.
Hong Jin YoungThe chairman of KOSAF Lee Joung Woo said, "We greatly appreciate her support who achieved success in many fields including music, variety shows, education, and even business."

He continued, "I hope this could be a chance to encourage and spread a donation culture, and take Korea's community spirit to the next level."

Hong Jin Young replied, "I always tried to find a way to reciprocate all the love I received from so many people but thanks to KOSAF, now I could have a chance to give back to the society."
Hong Jin YoungShe added, "I have always wanted to share but actually making an effort was pretty tough. I'm truly glad that I could help the students who are passionately nurturing their dreams, and I want to use this opportunity as a steppingstone to make another donations."

Meanwhile, Hong Jin Young recently joined SBS' variety show 'My Little Old Boy'.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= KOSAF, SBS funE, 'sambahong' Instagram)

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