VIDEO: TWICE Melts the Heart of the Public with Its Overwhelming Cuteness!

Dec 27, 2018

VIDEO: TWICE Melts the Heart of the Public with Its Overwhelming Cuteness!
K-pop girl group TWICE made this cold and lonely winter night bit warmer and happier with its lovely performance.

On December 25, TWICE members turned into adorable fairies at 'SBS Gayo Daejun'.

When TWICE first showed up at the stage singing the title track 'What is Love?' of its fifth mini album, a big cheer immediately filled the air and it put a smile on everyone's faces.
TWICEThe combination of the song's romantic vibe and the members' calm voice was so beautiful that it even encouraged some of the crowd to sing along to its track after a few seconds.

Whilst watching TWICE's first stage, many of the audience might have felt like they are being transported to somewhere magical since every bit of this song was just too good to be true.

TWICE attempted a complete transformation for its second stage and swept the crowd off their feet by hypnotizing them with one of their most beloved track, 'YES or YES'.
TWICEThe viewers were pleasantly surprised by twist hidden in the middle of the song since TWICE secretly altered the melody and the beat of its chorus and added it a bit more festive vibe to its track.

However, what made the public truly get going was obviously its last track 'Dance The Night Away'.

When all members of TWICE showed up in adorable Christmas-themed stage outfits, the entire crowd went wild and showed the highest level of enthusiasm.
TWICEWatching TWICE singing its heart out on stage provided the same amount of happiness as opening a Christmas present for the first time.

Make sure to check out the video below, and fall in love with these most adorable angels on the planet!

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS Gayo Daejun)

(SBS Star)