IRENE Reveals How Her Hair Changed After Years of Bleaching and Coloring

Dec 28, 2018

IRENE Reveals How Her Hair Changed After Years of Bleaching and Coloring
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's IRENE confessed how bleaching and dyeing affected her hair while unveiling her natural hair.

On December 25, IRENE and her fellow mate SEULGI held a live broadcast to interact with their fans.
IRENE & SEULGIOn this day, IRENE showed up with a bit different hair style―a short hair with lots of layers.

However, it did not seem like an intended haircut and looked quite damaged since most of her hair had different length and split ends.
IRENE & SEULGIAfter seeing her new hairstyle, one fan asked out of curiosity, "Did you cut your hair short?"

IRENE replied, "No. This is my natural hair." and SEULGI added, "It's short, right?"
IRENE & SEULGIIRENE continued, "My hair broke off. All our members probably are suffering from the same problem."

For the past four years, IRENE has dyed her hair blond, brown, purple, pink, and even red and impressed the public with many hairstyles.
IRENEBut all her hair was damaged severely due to frequent bleaching and coloring even though she had a healthy long hair when she just made her debut.

It seems like she has been using hairpieces when making an appearance at music shows or year-end music festivals to present a different look every time.

After hearing her story, fans commented, "I'm worried about her scalp.", "She would look amazing in short hair.", "She still looks pretty even in that hair.", and many more.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet released its fifth mini album 'RBB' on November 30.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'redvelvet.smtown' Instagram, 'RedVelvet' Facebook)

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