Lee Kwang Soo & Lee Sunbin Admit Their Five-month Relationship

Dec 31, 2018

Lee Kwang Soo & Lee Sunbin Admit Their Five-month Relationship
Korean actor Lee Kwang Soo and actress Lee Sunbin became a real couple.

On December 31, a media outlet 'TV REPORT' stated that Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sunbin are seeing each other for five months.
Lee Kwang Soo & Lee SunbinLee Kwang Soo and Lee Sunbin first met in September, 2016 when Lee Sunbin made appearance at SBS' beloved variety show 'Running Man' as a guest.

Her appearance in the show garnered a tremendous attention since she previously named Lee Kwang Soo as her ideal man in one talk show.
Lee Kwang Soo & Lee SunbinDuring the show, Lee Sunbin expressed her love to Lee Kwang Soo by saying, "Judging by the way we bicker with each other, I think we would make a great couple."
Lee Kwang Soo & Lee SunbinAt that time, Lee Kwang Soo replied, "She and I are dating. We are going to make a wedding announcement next week."

Two years later, such words became reality and the couple proudly admitted their relationship in front of their acquaintances and the public.
Lee Kwang Soo & Lee SunbinReportedly, Lee Sunbin introduced Lee Kwang Soo to many of her close friends, and Lee Kwang Soo also took her to lots of places and announced their relationship in front of his friends.

Lee Kwang Soo made his debut as a model back in 2007 and secured his position as an actor with MBC's sitcom 'High Kick', and drama 'Dong Yi'.

Lee Sunbin made her debut as an actress in 2014 with Chinese historical drama 'Wang Xi Zhi' and gained an increasing popularity with her great acting skills.Lee Kwang Soo and Lee SunbinBoth Lee Kwang Soo's agency KINGKONG by STARSHIP Entertainment, and Lee Sunbin's agency WELLMADE STAR ENT confirmed their relationship soon after the report was made by 'TV REPORT'.

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