IRENE Hits Her Body on a Truck While Trying to Avoid Fans Getting Too Close to Her

Jun 24, 2019

IRENE Hits Her Body on a Truck While Trying to Avoid Fans Getting Too Close to Her
IRENE of K-pop girl group Red Velvet hit her head and shoulders on the wing mirror of a truck while trying to avoid some fans getting too close to her.

On June 21, Red Velvet showed its comeback performance on KBS' music show 'Music Bank'.

After rehearsing in the morning, IRENE was spotted going out with her staff member for a break before the live show began.

At that time, she pulled down her cap low on her face and lowered her head while walking towards her van. IRENEBut many fans who were waiting around outside the studio recognized her right away and started gathering around her.

They also got their phones and DSLR cameras out and started taking pictures of her.

As the situation intensified, IRENE's steps quickened and the staff member tried to protect her from them. IRENEWhile trying to avoid them as fast as she could, IRENE failed to notice a truck that was parked right by her and hit her head and shoulders hard on the wing mirror.

IRENE then stood still rubbing her head and shoulders for a while as if she felt quite a lot of pain.IRENESoon after this happened, this video of her went viral online, and it got many fans worried about IRENE.

They also advised other fans not to get too close to her in case it leads to a dangerous situation like that or even something more dangerous.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet returned to the music scene with a new album 'The ReVe Festival: Day 1' on June 19.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community)

(SBS Star)