VIDEO: AB6IX DONG HYUN's Cute Reaction to a Fan Pretending It Is Her First Time Seeing Him

Jun 26, 2019

VIDEO: AB6IX DONG HYUN's Cute Reaction to a Fan Pretending It Is Her First Time Seeing Him
One loyal fan who followed K-pop boy group AB6IX's member DONG HYUN for almost two years puzzled him by pretending like she does not know him at all.

On June 24, one fan of AB6IX posted a video of DONG HYUN along with a caption saying, "This is what happens when you pretend like you are meeting him for the first time after following him for the past two years."
In the video, DONG HYUN was having a conversation with one of his old fans who came to AB6IX's fan signing event.
Kim Dong HyunThe minute his fan stood in front of him, DONG HYUN immediately recognized her and greeted her with a big smile on his face.
Kim Dong HyunBut when she said, "This is my first time coming to these kinds of things," he froze for a second since it was definitely not the response he was expecting.
Kim Dong HyunHowever, DONG HYUN did not panic and replied, "Right. You've never been to AB6IX's fan signing event," as if he knows what she is up to.
Kim Dong HyunThen, the fan started to complimenting DONG HYUN on his appearance and other stuff to continue her prank. 
Kim Dong HyunDONG HYUN first looked at her with doubtful eyes but he ultimately decided to get on board and hear what she has to say.
Kim Dong HyunBut DONG HYUN changed his mind shortly after and said, "What are you trying to do? Explain this to me right now!", and added that he knows who she is.

Upon seeing this short video of DONG HYUN, his fans commented, "Love his reaction. Seems so genuine.", "OK. I'm definitely going to use that one.", "What an epic prank. Hilarious.", and so on.

Meanwhile, AB6IX recently wrapped up the promotional activity of its debut album 'B:COMPLETE' which was released on May 22.

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