Fans Just Cannot Get over How Big EXO CHANYEOL's Hands Are

Jun 26, 2019

Fans Just Cannot Get over How Big EXO CHANYEOL's Hands Are
K-pop boy group EXO's member CHANYEOL fluttered the hearts of many with his hands that make everything around him appear unbelievably small.

Recently, one fan compiled the pictures and the clips of CHANYEOL which shows how big his hands really are.
CHANYEOLUsually, microphone does not look this small when people hold it in their hands but it looked like a little toy that a baby would play with in CHANYEOL's hands.
CHANYEOLCHANYEOLIn his hands, even the normal size of a can and a bottle turned into a fun size that one can finish with just a few sips.
CHANYEOLCHANYEOLCHANYEOLCHANYEOLAlso, even the hands of a grown woman and man looked tiny next to CHANYEOL's big hands, not to mention the baby's.
CHANYEOLThe fans got even more curious after seeing all these clips and asked him to measure the size of his hands using the length of an A4; and it appeared that his hands were longer than 21cm (8.26 inches).
CHANYEOLCHANYEOLCHANYEOL is known to be little over 185cm (6'1) but his fans are speculating that he would be little shorter than 191cm (6'3), referring to the pictures of him standing next to a refrigerator and his fellow members.

After seeing this post, his fans commented, "I think I just found my husband.", "Why can't I stop smiling?! I guess I love a guy with big hands.", "How's that even possible? That microphone looks super tiny!", and many more.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online Community, tvN)

(SBS Star)