Kim Shin-young Tells Top 4 Places Where She Spotted Celebrity Couples on a Secret Date

Jun 26, 2019

Kim Shin-young Tells Top 4 Places Where She Spotted Celebrity Couples on a Secret Date
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Comedienne Kim Shin-young revealed four places where celebrity couples go on a secret date the most.

On June 25 episode of JTBC's television show 'Celeb Five: Who Is Going to Be the Main Member?' (literal translation), Kim Shin-young disclosed some interesting facts.Kim Shin-youngWhile taking a break from dancing, the four cast members started talking about going on dates.

That was when Kim Shin-young said, "For those celebrities who are currently in a secret relationship, please don't date in Haneul Park in Sangam-dong and Mangwon Hangang Park. I always see lots of you there."

She continued, "There was this one time when I was on my bike. I noticed this couple who tried to hide their faces. I wasn't going fast at that time, so I recognized who they were right away. As I was going past them, my eyes unintentionally followed them, I was like 'Isn't that...?' That wasn't even the first time."Kim Shin-youngKim Shin-youngKim Shin-young also mentioned the movie theater at COEX Mall as another place where it should be avoided for the same reason―too many celebrity couples go there now that they would probably get recognized.

Her explanation was, "I don't know why, but they always choose this theater over plenty of other theaters in Seoul. The majority of them go to watch a movie at night, and they tend to go in at a later time when the screen is not too bright. But really, it isn't too hard to recognize them."Kim Shin-youngLastly, Kim Shin-young suggested the back streets of Shibuya, Tokyo were not recommended.

She explained, "I've seen a lot of them there as well. In the past, I saw a celebrity couple holding hands together. As soon as they saw me, they let go of their hands and walked away from each other as if they weren't going anywhere together in the first place."Kim Shin-young(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Celeb Five: Who Is Going to Be the Main Member?)

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