Song Hye Kyo Is Back with Long Hair!

Jun 26, 2019

Song Hye Kyo Is Back with Long Hair!
Actress Song Hye Kyo grew her hair out again after having it short for a long while.

On June 25, Song Hye Kyo's stylist posted recent photos of the actress on social media.

They were photos which were taken during Song Hye Kyo's photo shoot for a magazine.Song Hye KyoIn the photos, Song Hye Kyo is wearing a flower patterned yellow dress that seems perfect for the summer.

Her mesmerizing beauty and slim figure make her look almost like a doll.Song Hye KyoBesides that, Song Hye Kyo's hairstyle catches the eye of many.

The reason being is that it has been a long time since everyone had seen her hair long.

For the last year or so, especially around the time when the production for her last drama 'Encounter' began, Song Hye Kyo had cut her hair short and kept it that way for some time even after the end of the drama.Song Hye KyoAfter checking these new photos of Song Hye Kyo out, people left comments such as, "She looks gorgeous no matter what the hairstyle she has.", "Wow, this woman really just gets even more stunning every time.", "I liked the way she looked with short hair, but I definitely missed her with long hair!", and so on.Song Hye KyoMeanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is reportedly going over the script for an upcoming drama 'Hyena' (tentative title).

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'with.hyunkyoung' Instagram, tvN Encounter)

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