It Is Almost Impossible to Get a Yes from BTS SUGA?

Jun 27, 2019

It Is Almost Impossible to Get a Yes from BTS SUGA?
K-pop boy group BTS' member SUGA cracked up his fans by turning down all 64 of their suggestions during his 14-minute live broadcast.

A few years ago, SUGA held a live broadcast in Hong Kong to spend some quality time with his fans before making appearance at 'Mnet Asian Music Awards'.
SUGAOn this day, SUGA started up the conversation by saying, "Recently, one member of the board of directors said to me, 'You should do a live broadcast. You should have your own channel because you are talented at this.' and I kind of agreed."
SUGAWhen one of his fans asked about 'Hwagae Market', SUGA and J-HOPE's joint broadcast which they have put on hold for forever, SUGA replied, "Hwagae Market? Honestly, we ran out of ideas. I thought about doing a dialect class but V and JIMIN are already doing it and English is also taken, Mukbang too."
SUGAHe added, "So J-HOPE and I were like, 'What are we going to do?'. I mean, we have to do it, but we are out of ideas. So, we would love to get some suggestions."
SUGAThen, his fans started to inundate him with numerous suggestions and said that it would be great if he could do a rap, makeup, or beatboxing class or go through his fellow members' stuff.
SUGABut SUGA came up with a valid reason not to do it and asked for more original and feasible plans every time they pitched an idea.
SUGAAfter rejecting all 64 of their suggestions, he eventually gave up on finding a new item for his joint broadcast and just went to bed.

Upon seeing this video, his fans commented, "This is definitely one of my favorite videos. Love his sense of humor.", "I know we are just spitballing here but some of the ideas seem just so random.", "Well, we have another 64 suggestions for you. You ready?", and many more.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'BTS' V LIVE)

(SBS Star)