VIDEO: DREAMCATCHER SIYEON Stuns Everyone with the Cover of 'Speechless' from 'Aladdin'!

Jun 28, 2019

VIDEO: DREAMCATCHER SIYEON Stuns Everyone with the Cover of 'Speechless' from 'Aladdin'!
K-pop girl group DREAMCATCHER's member SIYEON pulled off 'Speechless', a new 'Aladdin' song with utmost perfection.

After the release of 'Aladdin' (2019), the public truly raved about 'Speechless', the movie's new track which well-showed Princess Jasmine's strong will and courage.
AladdinThe audiences had to wipe off their tears a bunch of times while watching the movie since the way she used 'Speechelss' to fought off her arch-enemy and the message she delivered through it were just so hauntingly beautiful and powerful.

The ones who wanted to hold on to that magical feeling a little longer tried to re-live that experience by listening to it day and night and even recording their own versions.
AladdinBut thanks to Princess Jasmine who set the bar too high, the YouTubers and the artists really had to step up their game in order to get the moviegoers' attention.
SIYEONHowever, SIYEON not only met those expectations perfectly, but also managed to add a few personal touches by incorporating her unique vocal approaches to the song.
SIYEONShe nailed every part of the song starting from a hypnotizing intro to the piercing high notes so perfectly that she even made Disney leave a comment using their own official account.

The fans who saw this cover commented, "Appreciate every single words. I felt so motivated now. Music is truly a magical tool.", "Now I understand why she is Dreamcatcher's main vocalist.", "SIYEON is literally one of the best vocals in K-pop scene. WOW", and many more.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Walt Disney Company Korea, 'Dreamcatcher official' YouTube, 'hf_dreamcatcher' Instagram)

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