Kim Jae Joong Opens Up About His Japanese Ex-girlfriend Who He Loved Dearly

Jun 28, 2019

Kim Jae Joong Opens Up About His Japanese Ex-girlfriend Who He Loved Dearly
K-pop boy group JYJ's member Kim Jae Joong honestly talked about his Japanese ex-girlfriend who he loved very much.

On June 27 episode of TV CHOSUN's talk show 'Taste of Love', Kim Jae Joong joined the talk as a guest.

While talking about the things that make a boyfriend/girlfriend more attractive, one of the hosts Park Na-rae said, "If my boyfriend is able to speak another language fluently, my heart will flutter every time he speaks the language."Park Na-raeThen, another host Choi Hwa-jeong asked Kim Jae Joong, "Don't you speak Japanese fluently, Jae Joong?"

While Kim Jae Joong nodded with a shy smile, Park Na-rae said, "I feel like there was at least once in your life when you spoke Japanese in front of your girlfriend."

Kim Jae Joong commented, "Actually, I was once madly in love with this Japanese person in the past. I became fluent in Japanese because of her."Kim Jae JoongHe continued, "I really wanted to let her know how I felt about her, so I used a dictionary to find words. I even wrote three to four months length of a diary-like letter in Japanese and gave it to her. My Japanese improved a lot then."

After hearing his story, the hosts responded, "Wow, that is incredible. We can tell how much you loved her."Kim Jae JoongMeanwhile, Kim Jae Joong recently returned to Korea after successfully wrapping up his 3-month concert tour in Japan 'JAEJOONG 2019 ARENA TOUR: Flawless Love' on June 20.

(Lee Narin, Credit= TV CHOSUN Taste of Love)

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