Red Velvet IRENE Comes up with a Cute Response When Asked to Describe Her Abs

Jul 4, 2019

Red Velvet IRENE Comes up with a Cute Response When Asked to Describe Her Abs
IRENE of K-pop girl group Red Velvet cracked up her fans while comparing her abs to two of her fellow members―WENDY and SEULGI's.

On June 25, all members of Red Velvet made appearance at SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Park So-hyun's Love Game' to celebrate their comeback.
Red VelvetOn this day, the members made an adorable pledge that they would wear an amusement park headband on stage if they rank #1 on a music show.
Red VelvetWhen Park So-hyun, the host of the show said, "A few days ago, you mentioned that SEULGI's abs are quite angry," IRENE replied, "That's right. They are very angry."
Red VelvetPark So-hyun added, "Then, you went on to check WENDY's abs."

IRENE nodded and said, "Right. Hers were very angry too."
Red VelvetThen, Park So-hyun asked, "Really? What about yours? What about your abs?"

IRENE paused for a second after getting that question and answered, "My abs are smiling."
Red VelvetEveryone at the site burst into laughter after hearing that response since her answer was not only cute, but also quite clever.

Upon watching this episode, her fans commented, "Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever heard?", "Well, if her abs are smiling, mine would be laughing out loud right now." "OMG. Look at their abs. WENDY and SEULGI must have worked really hard.", and many more.

Meanwhile, the members of Red Velvet is currently focusing on the promotional activity of 'Zimzalabim', the title track of their new album.

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