Is Kim Soo Hyun Leaving His Current Agency?

Jul 2, 2019

Is Kim Soo Hyun Leaving His Current Agency?
Following his military discharge, actor Kim Soo Hyun is rumored to create his own one-man agency after his contract expiration.

According to reports on July 1, Kim Soo Hyun's exclusive contract with Keyeast is set to expire this December.
Kim Soo Hyun (funE)Although their contract still has nearly 5 months left, industry insiders are claiming that Kim Soo Hyun is in the process of setting up his own agency.

There are also rumors that Kim Soo Hyun may sign with another agency, including one that was recently opened by a former Keyeast employee.

In response to the report, Keyeast commented, "We don't externally discuss an actor's contract period. Kim Soo Hyun's contract with us isn't ending soon, and there is still some time left."

Regarding the reports about establishing a one-man agency, the agency commented, "We have heard about this, so we are aware of it. We have heard a lot about a one-man agency or agency transfer, but since the actor was just discharged from the military, we are also talking to him about his exclusive contract."
Kim Soo Hyun (funE)Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun returned to his fans loving arms after successfully completing his mandatory military service on July 1.

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