Han Ji Min's Eyes Make People Keep Asking the Same Question?

Jul 4, 2019

Han Ji Min's Eyes Make People Keep Asking the Same Question?
Fans of actress Han Ji Min are speculating that her twinkling eyes are the reason that make people keep asking the same question―"Why are you crying?"

Recently, one fan compiled the pictures of Han Ji Min staring and looking at something to show how twinkly her eyes can be even when she is not crying.
Han Ji MinHan Ji MinHan Ji Min has a reputation for having the most amazing eyes on the planet and the main reason she was able to earn that title was because her eyes always looked so watery and shining.
Han Ji MinHan Ji MinFor this reason, many of Han Ji Min's co-stars and the interviewers made a false assumption that she is crying and asked the same question, "Why are you crying?" over and over again.
Han Ji MinHan Ji MinHan Ji Min smiled and replied that she is not crying every time that happens, but many had a hard time believing the fact that she is not crying since it did look like the tears would fall off her eyes any second.
Han Ji MinAfter seeing her family portrait, her fans were finally able to understand where she got her looks from―since every member of her family including her parents and sister had the exact same eyes.

After seeing this post, her fans commented, "I think Han Ji Min is one of the most beautiful actresses in Korea.", "Her eyes look like they never heard of the term 'xerophthalmia'.", "But you can't blame them because all of us probably would've asked the same question.", and so on.

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min is currently focusing on the filming of her romance drama 'One Spring Night'.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online Community, JTBC, MBC)

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