EXO SUHO Recalls His Recent Meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump

Jul 2, 2019

EXO SUHO Recalls His Recent Meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump
K-pop boy group EXO's leader SUHO shared the group's recent meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump at the Blue House.

On July 2, SUHO joined KBS COOL FM 'Jung Eunji's Music Plaza' (literal translation) as a guest.
SUHO, Jung EunjiDuring the show, SUHO recalled EXO's recent attendance at the Blue House cocktail party held on June 29, ahead of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump's dinner meeting.
SUHO, Jung EunjiSUHO said, "We were able to meet President Trump, but rather than it being due to the power of EXO, it was the power of K-pop as a whole."

He continued, "People around the world love K-pop, and they love many K-pop groups including EXO. And I heard that Trump's granddaughter really likes EXO. I think that we were given this opportunity as we previously met White House adviser Ivanka Trump in Pyeongchang."
EXO, Donald Trump (Yonhap)EXO, Donald Trump (Yonhap)Then SUHO recalled the conversation that he and his fellow members had with President Trump.

SUHO shared, "The President asked to shake our hands first. Due to his Twitter post earlier that day, many reporters continued asking him questions about his visit to the JSA(Joint Security Area), while he was busy shaking our hands."

He went on, "Then he smiled at us and said, 'I don't know what they're saying, but this will be interesting. You know what I'm saying?' I was totally surprised because he used the term 'You know what I'm saying' that we see so many times in movies. So casually, at such an important event, you know."
EXO, Donald Trump (Yonhap)EXO, Donald Trump (Yonhap)Meanwhile, EXO is currently busy preparing for its upcoming concert 'EXO PLANET#5 - EXplOration' which will be held on July 19 to 21 and July 26 to 28 at KSPO Dome, Seoul.

(Credit= KBS Jung Eunji's Music Plaza, 'kbsgayo' Instagram, Yonhap News Agency)

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