BTS JIN Turns into a Successful Hotelier Who Is Also Good with Kids

Jul 4, 2019

BTS JIN Turns into a Successful Hotelier Who Is Also Good with Kids
Fans are arguing that K-pop boy group BTS' member JIN would be a great dad after seeing the pictures of him taking care of a little girl.

Recently, BTS released 'BTS WORLD', a simulation mobile game which allows the players to act as the group's manager who makes all the decisions for them.
BTSWhile playing the game, the players can choose between the following two modes―'BTS Story' and 'Another Story'―and if they decided to go with the first one, they can help the members make their debut as a K-pop boy group and get their name out there as an artist.

If they choose the second option, they will each be provided with different tasks and asked to make decisions on the members' behalf in order to help them live their lives as a hotelier, pianist, and other things.
JINWhen JIN turned into a hotelier, one of his characters from the game, many of his fans just lost their cool since he not only looked phenomenal in his uniform, but also pulled off the role with utmost perfection.
BTSJIN did everything he could to attend a child, one of his customers' needs starting from eating a lollipop sitting next to her to engaging in a water gun fight.
BTSJin even sprinted to the beach when his customer disappeared and looked everywhere for her as any concerned and responsible hotelier would do.

Even with the knowledge that JIN studied acting in university, his acting skills were superior enough to impress everyone.

After seeing these pictures of JIN, his fans commented, "He would make a great dad.", "He looks especially handsome in that uniform!", "I'm going to play this game over and over again!", and so on.

Meanwhile, BTS will continue to meet its fans in Japan through a concert in SHIZUOKA which will be held on July 13.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= BTS WORLD, Netmarble)

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