Kim Soo Hyun Tells Which Girl Group's MVs He Watched the Most in the Military

Jul 4, 2019

Kim Soo Hyun Tells Which Girl Group's MVs He Watched the Most in the Military
Actor Kim Soo Hyun revealed which K-pop girl group's music videos he watched the most during his time in the military.

On July 2 episode of SBS' television show 'Han Bam', Kim Soo Hyun was spotted officially being discharged from the military.

When Kim Soo Hyun walked out of the military base, his breathtaking charms followed him and it almost looked like he was walking out of a movie about one handsome soldier.Kim Soo HyunAs soon as his fans outside of the military base saw him, they screamed in happiness and excitedly waved their hands at him.

Kim Soo Hyun smiled at his fans, and stood in front of them and the press for a brief interview.

Kim Soo Hyun said, "I honestly still can't believe that I'm done with my military service. I'm not going to lie here though, I do feel quite relieved."

He laughed and continued, "But I do think I had a great life in the military. I definitely have learned a lot there. It was worth it."Kim Soo HyunAfter he was finished talking, Kim Soo Hyun was asked, "Did any girl group help you go through a tough time in the military?"

Right after hearing this reporter's question, Kim Soo Hyun burst out laughing for a while, then gave his honest answer.

He responded, "Actually, I've watched every single new music video by girl groups, not any group in particular. Just all of them. I watched girl group music videos early in the morning before starting my day every day."

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun started his military service on October 23, 2017, and served at First Reconnaissance Battalion―the military base in the heart of the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Han Bam)

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