"He Shows No Sign of Remorse" Park Yu Chun Smiles in a New Photo

Jul 4, 2019

"He Shows No Sign of Remorse" Park Yu Chun Smiles in a New Photo
Singer/actor Park Yu Chun brightly smiled for the camera a day after receiving his sentence for illegal drug use.

On July 3, Park Yu Chun's brother updated his social media with a photo of Park Yu Chun at their house.
Park Yu ChunHe wrote, "Hi, babos! Today I will not be streaming, going to spend time with hyung! Catch up with everything. Sorry. Will be streaming tomorrow though. I promise. Thank you again, everyone."

In the shared photo, Park Yu Chun poses with his dog, sitting in front of a massive pile of fan letters and gifts.
Park Yu ChunIt is not sure whether the photo was taken after his sentence, but people are quite surprised to see how Park Yu Chun smiled that brightly just after shedding tears asking for forgiveness a day before.

They commented, "Park Yu Chun and his brother both have a ridiculous mindset.", "He shows no sign of remorse.", "His mentality really is something. He isn't embarrassed one bit.", and more.

In the meantime, some fans flooded the post with supportive messages to Park Yu Chun and his family.
Park Yu Chun (Yonhap)On July 2, Park Yu Chun was given a 10-month prison sentence with two years of probation and treatment after being accused of using and purchasing Philopon (a form of methamphetamine) with his ex-fiancée.

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