JENNIE's Press-on Nail Goes Missing at an Event; Her Fan Is Surprised to Find It Here

Jul 4, 2019

JENNIE's Press-on Nail Goes Missing at an Event; Her Fan Is Surprised to Find It Here
One fan of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's member JENNIE found the singer's press-on nail at the most unexpected place.

On June 30, BLACKPINK held a special 'photobook' fan signing event at Times Square, Seoul.
JENNIEGenerally at a fan signing event, fans would get their singers' autograph inside their latest album.

But it was slightly different on this day; as BLACKPINK just had released a new photobook, the four members of BLACKPINK―ROSÉ, LISA, JENNIE, and JISOO each took turns to sign their autograph inside a photobook instead of an album.

The members also talked to fans and posed for photos while putting on some cute/interesting items that fans had brought for them.JENNIEAfter some time, ROSÉ, LISA, JENNIE, and JISOO were given a break.

During the break, JENNIE looked at her nails, which she had press-on nails on for the event.

That was when she noticed that there was no press-on nail on her pinky finger.

Then, she immediately looked around to look for her lost press-on nail, but failed to find it until the end of the event.

It turned out that one of BLINK (the name of BLACKPINK's fan club) unintentionally taken it home.

It seemed the fan was surprised himself/herself as well; the fan posted a photo on social media after the event where he/she wrote, "What?! JENNIE's nail is on my photobook."

All BLINK around the world are having a good laugh together right now. JENNIEMeanwhile, BLACKPINK is scheduled to hold its 'IN YOUR AREA' encore concert for two days in Bangkok, Thailand on July 13 and 14.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'noblesse116' 'jen_chuuu' 'BLACKPINK_Bar' Twitter, '147company' YouTube)

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