Super Junior SiWon Gently Warns Obsessive Fans via His Social Media

Jul 5, 2019

Super Junior SiWon Gently Warns Obsessive Fans via His Social Media
SiWon of K-pop boy group Super Junior sent a warning message to obsessive fans in the nicest way as he could.

On July 4, SiWon took his social media to deliver his thoughts and words to a specific group of people.

He did not specifically mention who he was addressing his message to, but it could be assumed that he was addressing it to obsessive fans.

This could be judged from the things that he said in the message.

The message said, "If you truly love someone, you would understand and care for them. You would not invade their privacy, stalk them, and spread ridiculous rumors about them."SiWonAlong with the message, SiWon uploaded a photo of himself smiling in a sleek black suit.

It made it look as if he is trying to be the gentleman here although he is not happy with the situation that he currently is in.

For the past 14 years since debut, the members of Super Junior have mentioned that they have a high number of obsessive fans who sometimes go over the top.

After reading SiWon's post, fans commented, "I don't know what exactly is going on with you, but I hope you stay strong.", "I totally agree. Please stop doing all those things to him, guys!", "I'm so sorry you have to go through this, oppa.", and so on.SiWonMeanwhile, SiWon successfully wrapped up his drama 'My Fellow Citizens' in the end of May.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'siwonchoi' Instagram, SM Entertainment)

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