VIXX LEO Steps on a Fan's Hand While Walking on Stage & Her Reaction Is Too Funny

Jul 5, 2019

VIXX LEO Steps on a Fan's Hand While Walking on Stage & Her Reaction Is Too Funny
LEO of K-pop boy group VIXX accidentally stepped on his fan's hand while walking on the stage.

Recently, LEO held a fan event and spent some quality time with his fans.

Towards the end of the event, LEO was heading towards the main stage through a narrow and small stage.

He took really careful steps, because the stage was low enough for fans to put their hands on it and a lot of fans actually had their hands on there.

Even though he tried, LEO accidentally stepped on one of the fans' hand.LEOAs soon as LEO noticed that he had stepped on her hand, he immediately started rubbing her hand and asked her, "Are you okay?"

The fan answered in a high pitched voice, "My hand is fine! ...I guess?!"

As she sounded more excited than in pain, all other fans around her laughed.

It seemed LEO tried not to laugh at first to stay polite, but after taking a couple of more steps, he completely failed and ended up laughing out loud.
A funnier thing happened after this though; fans started purposely blocked his way with their hands on stage, since they also wanted to experience the same thing as that "lucky" fangirl earlier.

This made LEO ask them, "You are all putting your hands here on purpose, aren't you?"

Until he left the venue, everyone repeatedly said to him, "Step on my hand! I want you to step on my hand, too!"
Meanwhile, LEO released a new mini album 'MUSE' on June 17.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'inleo151113' Twitter)

(SBS Star)