BTS JIN's Hair Dye Goes Wrong but His Fans Are Loving It?

Jul 8, 2019

BTS JIN's Hair Dye Goes Wrong but His Fans Are Loving It?
K-pop boy group BTS' member JIN ended up having the most beautiful two-tone hair while trying to dye his hair at home.

On July 6, BTS held a concert in Osaka, Japan as part of its stadium tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF'.
BTSOn this day, ARMYs (the name of BTS' fan club) showed up at the site hours before the concert, and packed Yanmar Stadium Nagai, an arena which can accommodate up to 50,000 people.
BTSTo reciprocate their fans' love and support, the members of BTS prepared many different stages and did their best to interact with them while hypnotizing every single one of them with their numerous charms.
BTSThere were countless things that stole the hearts of ARMYs that night, but what truly made them go crazy was JIN's new hair style which made him look like a fairy.

It turned out that he dyed his hair himself after arriving in Japan and went from blond to purple without getting anyone's help.
BTSAccording to the fans at the site, JIN tried to dye his hair purple but it did not go as he planned. 
BTSFortunately, those failed attempts made JIN appear way more mysterious, and helped him to take his appearance to a whole new level.

After seeing these pictures of JIN, fans commented, "The color purple truly loves him!", "This is definitely one of the most epic hair dye fails.", "I bet he can pull off any color he wants. So jealous!", and many more.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'ALittleBraver92' 'bts_bighit' Twitter)

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