VIDEO: Gang Dong Won Talks About His Move to Hollywood While Flaunting His Ageless Beauty

Jul 8, 2019

VIDEO: Gang Dong Won Talks About His Move to Hollywood While Flaunting His Ageless Beauty
Actor Gang Dong Won who will be turning 40 next year but still looks like he is in his 20s revealed the real reason why he decided to move to Los Angeles, the United States.

On July 6, monotube dropped a video titled, '[Gang Dong Won & Friends] #5: Gang Dong Won reveals that he came to Hollywood for this! He makes a confession!'.
Gang Dong WonIn the video, Gang Dong Won was making a coffee while sharing his experience with the Hollywood production team and what he has been up to.
Gang Dong WonGang Dong Won said, "I've been staying here in Los Angeles for seven to eight months now. It was really nice when I first got here because I felt like I was traveling."
Gang Dong WonHe continued, "But it got harder as time went by. Driving was hard, and working on a film was also tough. Meeting up with people and having a meeting in English was not easy too."
Gang Dong WonTo a question, "What did the production team say after seeing your face?", Gang Dong Won replied, "They just said, 'handsome' in English."
Gang Dong WonGang Dong Won added, "They thought I was really young. Like I was in my mid 20s or something. Well, I had no problem with that."
Gang Dong WonWhen asked why he decided to take his acting career to the United States, Gang Dong Won answered, "I always wanted to do various, interesting, and well-made films. That always have been my dream."
Gang Dong WonHe continued, "Also, I thought that everyone would watch my film even if it's a Korean one once I succeeded in getting my name out there in other countries. Plus, if that happens, we could invest more money when filming movies in Korea."

Upon seeing this video, his fans commented, "Gang Dong Won is so handsome, so intelligent, so talented and refined. He's almost perfect.", "I guess I've never thought about it that way. He's so thoughtful.", and so on.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= '모노튜브' YouTube)

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