RM Captures a Rare Phenomenon in the Sky During BTS' Concert

Jul 8, 2019

RM Captures a Rare Phenomenon in the Sky During BTS' Concert
K-pop boy group BTS' leader RM captured a rare phenomenon during the group's recent concert.

On July 6, RM took photos of the sky during BTS' 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF' concert held at Yanmar Stadium Nagai, Osaka, Japan.
RMHe shared the photos on the group's official social media account with the caption that reads, "Today's cloud. As I see it, it quite looks like a dolphin. I just saw the sky and this was there. It was so beautiful."
RMShortly after RM's post, an American meteorologist Ian Cassette revealed that the cloud in RM's photos is actually a rare phenomenon called the "horseshoe vortex cloud".

He wrote, "Rare horseshoe vortex cloud formed over a BTS concert. Pretty awesome that it was captured by the group."
Ian Cassette TwitterA horseshoe cloud is a rare meteorological phenomenon which manifests as a cloud in the shape of a horseshoe or inverted letter 'U'.
BTSUpon finding out this wonderful fact, fans commented, "The rare cloud sought to bless BTS and ARMY with its presence! How cool is that.", "The cloud is just like BTS. Rare and beautiful!", "I'm glad RM decided to share it with us. What a beautiful phenomenon it is!" and more.

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