Some Fans Allegedly Pulled False Fire Alarm to See NCT 127

Jul 9, 2019

Some Fans Allegedly Pulled False Fire Alarm to See NCT 127
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Some obsessive fans of K-pop boy group NCT 127 allegedly pulled false fire alarm at a hotel in London, England just to see the members.

On July 7 (local time), NCT 127 held its 'NEO CITY - The Origin' concert at the SSE Arena, London.
NCT 127Everything went smoothly until someone pulled a false fire alarm at a hotel where NCT 127 members are staying.

According to fans who were also staying at the same hotel, the fire alarm had been set off by some fans who just wanted to see NCT 127 members as they evacuated.

Setting off a false alarm is an illegal act in many countries, including England.
NCT 127Fans shared on social media, "Even a wedding that was taking place at the hotel was interrupted because of the false alarm.", "It scared the life out of me.", "Everyone was panicking, including us, my son, NCT, and their staff!".

Upon hearing the news, fans commented, "Can't believe someone would do such thing 'just' to see their stars.", "This is not acceptable. I hope they get their comeuppance.", "Stop embarrassing the entire fandom, please.", and more.
NCT 127Meanwhile, NCT 127 is scheduled to bring 'NEO CITY - The Origin' to La Seine Musicale, Paris, on July 10.

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