'Madam Jung' Shares Testimony of Yang Hyun Suk's Prostitution Mediation

Jul 9, 2019

'Madam Jung' Shares Testimony of Yang Hyun Suk's Prostitution Mediation
'Madam Jung', the key figure in former YG Entertainment head Yang Hyun Suk's prostitution scandal, has fired back at his denial.

On August 8 episode of MBC's 'Straight', the program revealed an interview with 'Madam Jung', the woman who connected and provided sexual escort services to Yang Hyun Suk's foreign investors.

Jung had kept her silence thus far, but decided to reveal her side of the story after Yang Hyun Suk denied all accusations, claiming that he did not know why she brought the prostitutes.
MBC StraightJung first claimed that the mediation of sexual escort services in Europe in 2014 was a request from YG Entertainment.

She said, "I received a phone call from Yang Hyun Suk's side. It was the first time I had ever been called by 'Kim' of YGX. 'Kim' cannot do anything that Yang Hyun Suk doesn't order. I understood it as 'Kim' calling on behalf of Yang Hyun Suk."
MBC StraightShe continued, "Photos of 10 girls were sent to them. We received 200 million won (approximately 170,000 dollars) in euros, all in cash, and Yang Hyun Suk personally gave directions on how the money should be distributed."

'Madam Jung' was summoned by police six times and received a cross-examination with no YG-related officials present.
MBC StraightShe said, "I just did as what Yang Hyun Suk told me to. I'm certainly not a person who can get a lot of powerful figures to gather in one place. This (whole situation) drives me crazy."
MBC StraightWhile 'Madam Jung' is set to be summoned again by police for further investigations, Yang Hyun Suk has continued to deny all allegations.

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