VIDEO: Kim Jae Hwan Wows Fans with an Amazing Cover of 'Chandelier'

Jul 10, 2019

VIDEO: Kim Jae Hwan Wows Fans with an Amazing Cover of 'Chandelier'
K-pop artist Kim Jae Hwan took Australian singer Sia's legendary hit 'Chandelier' to the next level by introducing a new feature to the song―guitar sounds.

On July 4, Kim Jae Hwan's management agency SWING Entertainment dropped a video of him singing 'Chandelier' and playing the melody of the song at the same time.

In the video, Kim Jae Hwan is sitting in a dark studio singing his heart out and slowly but surely making every single one of his listeners fall in love with him.
Kim Jae HwanKim Jae Hwan walked into the studio with a guitar in his hands and hit the first note right after clearing his throat.
Kim Jae HwanWhilst singing the low parts of the song, Kim Jae Hwan sounded like an angel sent from heaven who just experienced the bitter reality of life but got to see the world in a whole new light thanks to that experience.
Kim Jae HwanBut when he got to the chorus, Kim Jae Hwan started to deploy a slightly different tactic―hypnotizing the listeners with an explosive energy and stealing their hearts with a piercing high notes.
Kim Jae HwanEveryone got chills when Kim Jae Hwan finally finished the song since he pulled off every part of the song so perfectly even though it was originally designed for a female artist with a wide vocal range.

Upon seeing his cover, fans commented, "I want to hear it every day.", "This is no doubt the best cover of 'Chandelier' I've ever heard.", "I honestly can listen to your voice all day long! What a beautiful cover.", and so on.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'SWING ENTERTAINMENT' YouTube)

(SBS Star)