A Reporter Under Fire for Asking about BTS to EXO BAEKHYUN on His Showcase Day

Jul 11, 2019

A Reporter Under Fire for Asking about BTS to EXO BAEKHYUN on His Showcase Day
Fans of K-pop boy group EXO are criticizing the reporter who asked questions about another boy group BTS to BAEKHYUN during his solo debut showcase.

On July 10, BAEKHYUN held a showcase for his solo debut album 'City Lights' at SAC Hall in Samseong-dong, Seoul.
BAEKHYUN (Yonhap)Although it is common knowledge to refrain from comparing artists to other artists at a showcase where they present their new music for the first time, one of the reporters brought up BTS out of the blue.

The reporter asked BAEKHYUN to share his thoughts on BTS, who has seen a meteoric rise to a global stardom in the past few years.
BAEKHYUN (Yonhap)To the question, BAEKHYUN said, "You asked about BTS here, and I think the group is amazing. I think they've worked really hard. They have stimulated us."

He continued, "I think it is the right thing to always learn from each other as singers. We should obviously give a round of applause to the ones who have done a great job."
BAEKHYUN (Yonhap)Then BAEKHYUN shared a few words about his group EXO.

BAEKHYUN said, "Talking about EXO's future, I think it is just enough for us to keep wishing happiness of one another and move on. We have this firm, strong bond, filling up each other's absence."

He added, "Without the members' friendship, I think we will not be able to be here. We understand each other even though we don't really say it."

Upon reading news reports about BAEKHYUN's showcase, fans commented, "Bringing another group at the showcase? Is he out of his mind?", "I'm a fan of both groups, and I think it's impolite to ask about other groups while there's plenty more things to ask about his solo release.", and more.

Meanwhile, BAEKHYUN's solo album 'City Light' and the title track 'UN Village' topped various domestic/overseas music charts.

(Credit= Yonhap News Agency, Big Hit Entertainment, 'SMTOWN' YouTube)

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