MAMAMOO Hwa Sa Gets Invisible During a Live Broadcast?

Jul 12, 2019

MAMAMOO Hwa Sa Gets Invisible During a Live Broadcast?
K-pop girl group MAMAMOO's member Hwa Sa startled her fans by turning into a hologram in the middle of the group's live broadcast.

On July 9, the members of MAMAMOO held a live broadcast at their dance studio where they were practicing the choreography for the group's upcoming concert '2019 MAMAMOO CONCERT IN DAEGU <4season F/W>'.
Hwa SaOn this day, they started the conversation by saying, "As you know, we are throwing a concert in Daegu. So, we held this live broadcast to give you guys some spoilers."

Then, Moon Byul said that they have so many new songs coming up that it feels like they are preparing a whole new concert.
Hwa SaThe fans were so excited to see them because it has been a while since the members held a live broadcast just to have a little chit chat with them and share what is going on with their lives.

But there was one thing that kept bothering the viewers, and it was Hwa Sa who was standing on the left side of the screen and kept disappearing every few seconds.
Hwa SaIt must have been a mechanical problem of some sort, but her fans loved it as she looked like someone with a superpower of being invisible.

After seeing this live broadcast, her fans commented ,"I knew it. She's one of them.", "That's so cool. Maybe she's gearing up for the 4th industrial revolution.", "I thought her superpower was singing. You know, she's got the voice of an angel.", and so on. 
Hwa SaMeanwhile, MAMAMOO is scheduled to hold its two-day concert in Daegu on July 27 and 28.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'MAMAMOO' V LIVE, 'RBW.MAMAMOO' Facebook, 'RBW_MAMAMOO' Twitter)

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