VIXX RAVI Informs EXO-L that EXO KAI Forgot His Instagram Password

Jul 15, 2019

VIXX RAVI Informs EXO-L that EXO KAI Forgot His Instagram Password
K-pop boy group VIXX's member RAVI explained why another boy group EXO's member KAI has been off his Instagram for over a month.

On July 13, RAVI shared a post on his Instagram on behalf of his close friend KAI.

The post was a long message in black written on a white background.KAIThe message said, "Hi, EXO-L (the name of EXO's fandom), this is RAVI. My friend 'zkdlin' (KAI's Instagram name) wanted me to tell you that he forgot his password for Instagram."

RAVI continued in the message, "KAI has been trying to find his password for over a month now, and hopes to sign back in as soon as he can. He really wants to communicate with you guys again. He says he is trying his best to find it."

Lastly, he added, "I'm not sure why he wants me to write this here, but... Anyway! I do hope he will find his password soon."KAIA lot of EXO-L started to worry about KAI recently, since he usually uploads a post every couple of days, but had not updated his Instagram for the last six weeks.

EXO-L all heaved a sigh of relief to discover the reason behind KAI's no Instagram update since the end of May through RAVI's post.

Then, they also thanked RAVI and KAI for letting them know what was going on and wished KAI to find his password in the near future.KAI(Lee Narin, Credit= 'ravithecrackkidz' 'zkdlin' Instagram)

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