BTS V Reveals That He Suffers From a Rare Skin Disease

Jul 15, 2019

BTS V Reveals That He Suffers From a Rare Skin Disease
V of K-pop boy group BTS has shared that he suffers from a skin disease, and even his disease has garnered a tremendous attention online.

On July 14, V responded to a fans' post on BTS Weverse, a new global fan community of the group, and revealed that he was suffering from the symptoms of his chronic condition.

V wrote, "No, I have a cholinergic allergy. It's so itchy itchy."
VCholinergic urticaria is type of skin rash that is caused by increases in body temperature.

It typically brings small, itchy red bumps on the skin, which my cause stinging sensation, dizziness, difficulty breathing in severe cases.
VThe disease typically develops during exercising, taking a hot bath, or even going through emotional stress.

Surprisingly, the word 'cholinergic urticaria' had quickly climbed up on multiple Korean search engines as worried fans wanted to learn more about his condition.
VMeanwhile, BTS successfully wrapped up the Japanese leg of the group's ongoing stadium tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF' in Shizuoka on July 13 and 14.

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