B-Free Apologizes to BTS & ARMY for His Past Remarks

Jul 15, 2019

B-Free Apologizes to BTS & ARMY for His Past Remarks
Hip-hop artist B-Free has belatedly apologized to K-pop boy group BTS and its fans for his past remarks about SUGA and RM.

On July 14, B-Free took his personal social media account to share his words of apology in both Korean and English.
B-FreeHe wrote, "To BTS and their fans, I am so sorry for all the emotional pain I've caused. Please forgive me. Wish the best."
B-FreeOn his another post, he wrote, "I'm incredibly sorry to BTS and BTS' fans for my past actions. I thought that I'd be able to say this face-to-face one day but... For now, I will express (my apology) like this."
B-Free, SUGA, RMPreviously during a broadcast in 2013, B-Free said, "I'm sure BTS has not listened to our music. We haven't listened to BTS' either.", "You could've also taken the road towards being rappers, but you couldn't beat that temptation, huh?", "Is BTS' music hip-hop?", "Is wearing makeup like a girl on stage hip-hop?", and more.
B-Free, SUGA, RMWhen BTS' fans asked B-Free to apologize, he replied, "I didn't realize that I have such an impact on so many people. Anyways, if you're thinking about what I said today for over 20 minutes, I sincerely recommend finding a boyfriend."

(Credit= 'chrt_free' Twitter, Big Hit Entertainment, Online Community)

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