Everyone Bursts Into Laughter Watching Lee Dong Wook Introducing Himself Like a K-pop Star

Jul 16, 2019

Everyone Bursts Into Laughter Watching Lee Dong Wook Introducing Himself Like a K-pop Star
Actor Lee Dong Wook pretended like he was a K-pop star and everyone is loving it.

On July 13, Lee Dong Wook and 20 contestants of Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce X 101' held a live broadcast.

During the live broadcast, Lee Dong Wook asked the contestants, "Do you guys remember doing a 10-second self-introduction a while ago?"

Then, he said, "I'm going to ask each of you to film a 10-second self-introduction again. This time though, I want you to introduce yourself and make at least three different facial expressions. Let's go!"Lee Dong WookFollowing his words, each contestant filmed their new 10-second self-introduction while making adorable facial expressions.

After the last contestant finished filming it, they all asked Lee Dong Wook to do one.

Lee Dong Wook was a little hesitant at first, but decided to go with it and grabbed the camera in front of him.
Lee Dong WookLee Dong Wook said to the camera, "Hi, I'm from STARSHIP Entertainment and it's been 21 years since I have made debut. I'm Lee Dong Wook!"

He also cutely framed his face with a fluttering hand as well.

Lee Dong Wook laughed in embarrassment afterwards and the contestants burst out laughing watching him making himself look cute.
'Produce X 101' is a show that currently airs every Friday and lets the public, also known as the national producers, to "produce" a 11-member boy group.

The national producers will continue to vote for their "pick(s)" out of 101 different trainees through an online and live voting system until the last episode of the show―this Friday.

Lee Dong Wook hosts 'Produce X 101' as 'the representative of the national producers'.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'Mnet' NAVER V LIVE)

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