VIDEO: Kang Daniel Talks About His Upcoming Solo Debut in Detail

Jul 16, 2019

VIDEO: Kang Daniel Talks About His Upcoming Solo Debut in Detail
A soon-to-debut solo artist Kang Daniel talked about his upcoming debut, becoming his hometown's honorary ambassador, and more in a new interview.

On July 15, SBS 'Han Bam' dropped a preview of their recent interview with Kang Daniel.
Kang DanielOn the interview day, Kang Daniel was appointed as the honorary ambassador of Busan, the city where he was born and bred.

Kang Daniel shared, "I felt so honored that the citizens of Busan voted for me as the city's honorary ambassador. I will do my best to live up to the title."
Kang DanielWhen the interviewer asked what he had been up to, Kang Daniel said, "I mostly focused on preparing my debut album. I had made a promise with my fans that I was unable to keep, so I did my best to get the album ready as quickly as possible."

He added, "The concept of my album is 'my color'. You will understand what it means when the title of the album is revealed."
Kang DanielThen the interviewer asked about his favorite nickname given to him by fans.

Kang Daniel answered, "Even before, I also thought that I do resemble a Samoyed dog. I saw a video of Samoyeds tilting their heads right and left," and began to imitate them until he grabbed his neck and says, "My neck just made a noise."
Kang DanielMeanwhile, Kang Daniel is set to make his grand solo debut with the debut album 'color on me' on July 25.

The full interview will be aired on July 16 at 8:55PM KST on SBS.

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