BTS Talks About the Perks of Living Together

Jul 18, 2019

BTS Talks About the Perks of Living Together
The members of K-pop boy group BTS revealed what they like about their living situation―living under the same roof.

Recently, one fan compiled the interviews that BTS did over the past few years to show how much the members appreciate each other's company even when they are not on stage.
BTSWhen asked what is the best thing about living together, V replied, "The fact that I never get lonely. I need a little me time every now and then but at least I never get bored."
BTSJIMIN added, "We can understand each other on a better level because we have more opportunity to talk, and we share everything. I believe that one of the main reasons we were able to come this far is because we lived together."
BTSBut it seems like SUGA had a slightly different opinion since he said, "I don't like it when other people invade my personal space. So, I was pretty stressed out when we just started living together."

He continued, "We all have different personalities but that's nobody's fault. We are just from different worlds. The fact that I couldn't have my own space gave me a hard time at first, but after some time, it did not seem like a problem anymore."
BTSWhilst talking about his fellow members, RM said, "Until other people told us that we have a special bond, I didn't know that what we had was special. But once I heard other people saying that, I got to care even more about our relationship."
BTSJ-HOPE chimed in and said, "I not only care about our group, but also believe in us. I think that we can overcome any kinds of obstacles."
BTSJIN added, "You guys are the coolest people I know."
BTSJUNKGOOK said, "I always learn from my fellow members. They made me grow. In a way, you could say that I have all of their personalities."

Upon reading these interviews, fans commented, "I couldn't agree more. They truly are the coolest people I know.", "I'm so happy that they have each other.", "They are the best thing that's ever happened to me.", and so on.

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