VIDEO: BAEKHYUN Gets Scared of Stage Cannons & Hides Behind Ha Sung Woon

Jul 16, 2019

VIDEO: BAEKHYUN Gets Scared of Stage Cannons & Hides Behind Ha Sung Woon
BAEKHYUN of K-pop boy group EXO was seen cutely moving away from stage cannons while dragging Ha Sung Woon of another boy group HOTSHOT along with him.

On July 13, BAEKHYUN and Ha Sung Woon participated in filming MBC's live music show 'Show! Music Core'.

Towards the end of the show when the hosts were announcing first place of the week, BAEKHYUN and Ha Sung Woon stood in their little own island in the middle of the stage together.BAEKHYUN and Ha Sung WoonWhen the announcement was made, cannons on stage went off at the same time.

You would think that BAEKHYUN is used to the firing of stage cannons, since he has been performing for years, but they completely startled him.

BAEKHYUN then moved behind Ha Sung Woon as if he found a good place to hide.BAEKHYUN and Ha Sung WoonIt seemed though, hiding behind Ha Sung Woon did not make him feel safe enough, because he started stepping backwards after a few seconds.

Soon, BAEKHYUN ended up at the very rear of the stage where he smiled like he was more than satisfied to be there.

While doing so, BAEKHYUN dragged Ha Sung Woon along with him, who had absolutely no clue why he had to move to a different area, but just followed BAEKHYUN anyway.

A lot of fans are finding this moment of BAEKHYUN and Ha Sung Woon extremely adorable.
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