Park Bo Gum Flutters One Lucky Fan's Heart with His Words at a Fan Signing Event

Jul 16, 2019

Park Bo Gum Flutters One Lucky Fan's Heart with His Words at a Fan Signing Event
Actor Park Bo Gum totally made one fan's day recently.

On July 13, Park Bo Gum's fan signing event took place at Lotte Department Store in Myeong-dong, Seoul.

On this day, 100 lucky fans were invited to the fan signing event.Park Bo GumOut of these 100 lucky fans though, there was this girl who turned out to be the luckiest one.

When it was her turn to get an autograph from Park Bo Gum, she quickly went over the things that she wanted to say to him as there was only a short time for her to have a chat with him.

What she wanted to do was to tell Park Bo Gum that she thought he was cute in an unconventional way.Park Bo GumAfter saying hi to Park Bo Gum, the fan said to him, "Oppa, I have a message for you. Could you first say 'nu', then 'na'?"

Park Bo Gum answered, "Sure. 'Nu'?", then she asked, "'Nu'ga yeogiseo jaeil guiyeopjo? (who is the cutest person here?)"

She was expecting him to say 'na' ('na' means 'me' in Korean) next, which would have made Park Bo Gum say he was the cutest person there himself.Park Bo GumHowever, her plan failed as Park Bo Gum immediately read what she was trying to do.

Instead of saying 'na', Park Bo Gum smiled and said her name instead.

She started to panic and said, "No, no. This was not... I mean I was trying to get you to say..."

Park Bo Gum continued to smile and repeated, "OO is the cutest person here.", and even wrote that down on the signing paper.Park Bo GumThe fan shared this story after the fan signing event and commented, "I'm crying. The stress that built up on me this week is gone thanks to you, Bo Gum!"

Her story went viral online, and other fans are still unable to stop going on about how lucky she was.

(Lee Narin, Credit= '_parkdajeong' 'Bogumfeel' Twitter)

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