EXO BAEKHYUN Buys His Fans Some Coffee Just the Way He Likes It

Jul 18, 2019

EXO BAEKHYUN Buys His Fans Some Coffee Just the Way He Likes It
BAEKHYUN of K-pop boy group EXO put a smile on his fans' faces by sending them a coffee truck which he prepared according to his taste.

On July 13, BAEKHYUN made appearance at MBC's live music show 'Show! Music Core' to pre-record his solo debut stage and promote his new album 'City Lights' which was released on July 10. 
BAEKHYUNOn this day, BAEKHYUN prepared something special for his fans who showed up at the site way before the shoot to show their support and congratulate him on his solo debut.
BAEKHYUNAmong his fans, it is common knowledge that BAEKHYUN likes his coffee weak and it appears that he wanted to treat his fans the way he usually enjoys his Americano.
BAEKHYUNBAEKHYUNAlso, for those who can't have caffeine, he kindly prepared two other drink menus including strawberry latte and grapefruit ade.
BAEKHYUNThe ones who had an opportunity to have a sip of BAEKHYUN's style of Americano said, "It was so weak that it felt like he sprinkled the coffee powder on top of ice water."

After seeing this surprise gift he prepared, his fans commented, "Yep. That's exactly how I like my coffee.", "Aww... Now that's just so sweet!", "His fans must've been so touched. I mean, look at the menu!", and so on. 

Meanwhile, BAEKHYUN is currently focusing on the promotional activity of his solo album.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online Community)

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