Park Seo Jun Speaks About Exposing His Abs in Every Project He Does

Jul 17, 2019

Park Seo Jun Speaks About Exposing His Abs in Every Project He Does
Actor Park Seo Jun shared how he feels about exposing his abs in every project he does, including his upcoming movie 'The Divine Fury'.

On July 16 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', Park Seo Jun made a guest appearance.Park Seo JunDuring the talk, Park Seo Jun mentioned his role in 'The Divine Fury'.

Park Seo Jun said, "My character in 'The Divine Fury' is a MMA champion. Thankfully, it wasn't too hard for me to play the role as I acted as a MMA fighter in one of the works that I did in the past. Of course I had to learn how to fight and all, but it didn't take me too long to learn it since I knew the basics."Park Seo JunThen, the host Kim Tae Kyun asked with a smile on his face, "Will we be able to see your abs in this movie as well?"

Park Seo Jun laughed and answered, "You can, indeed. Yeah, it kind of happened again. I somehow always end up exposing my body in all my works. It puts me under a lot of pressure, actually."

He added, "I feel like age hit me recently though. It's not so easy for me to get defined abs anymore; I have to work extra hard now. But I do tried my best to get them when I need to."Park Seo Jun'The Divine Fury' tells a story about a MMA champion 'Yong Hoo' (Park Seo Jun) who meets an exorcist 'Priest Ahn' (actor Ahn Sung-ki) after losing his father one day.

'Yong Hoo' then discovers the existence of the great evil and tries to fight against it with the priest.

The movie is scheduled to hit the theaters on July 31.

(Lee Narin, Credit= LOTTE Entertainment, SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show)

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