Park Hyung Sik Receives Commendation for His Exemplary Conduct

Jul 17, 2019

Park Hyung Sik Receives Commendation for His Exemplary Conduct
Singer/actor Park Hyung Sik received a letter of commendation from his divisional commander after setting a great example for his fellow soldiers in the recruit training center.

On July 16, Park Hyung Sik's divisional commander awarded him a letter of commendation at the completion of training ceremony held in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do.
Park Hyung SikThe certificate proving Park Hyung Sik's excellence and diligence was not the only thing that put a smile on his face that day; since he also got a reward vacation of two nights and three days.
Park Hyung SikOn this day, some of Park Hyung Sik's fans even flew all the way from their countries to see him in person before he begins his military service as a military police of the Capital Defense Command.

Also, everyone at the site was deeply touched after seeing Park Hyung Sik hugging his parents at the ceremony because he just looked like a little boy, not someone who achieved so many things in life at such a young age.
Park Hyung SikPark Hyung Sik made his debut as a member of ZE:A back in 2010, and succeeded in getting his name out there in many fields by making appearances at different television shows including MBC's 'Real Man', where he gained a phenomenal popularity under the name of 'baby soldier'.
Park Hyung SikAfter hearing this good news, fans commented, "That's my boy. I knew that he had it in him.", "Well, I don't think I can call him a baby soldier anymore.", "Congratulations on your letter of commendation! So proud of you.", and so on.

Meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik is expected be discharged from the military in January 2021.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Online Community, MBC)

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