A Celebrity Who Never Says "No" to Fans Asking for a Photo: Ji Chang Wook

Jul 17, 2019

A Celebrity Who Never Says "No" to Fans Asking for a Photo: Ji Chang Wook
Actor Ji Chang Wook was spotted taking a photo with every fan asking for one.

This week, Ji Chang Wook attended one event in a stylish suit that made his handsome face and great body ratio stand out even more.Ji Chang WookAt this event, Ji Chang Wook was approached by a lot of other attendees who asked him for a photo together.

Even though so many of them came to Ji Chang Wook asking the same question, his response was the same: "Sure."

Not only did he willingly agreed to take a photo with them, but he also brightly smiled to them as if he wanted to let them know that he was not annoyed a single bit.Ji Chang WookJi Chang WookHis true happiness was evident in the photos as well, and all fans who took a photo with him paid him an enormous compliment.

One of them wrote, "There were literally people lining up to take a photo with Ji Chang Wook, but he was super kind to every one of them. I respect this guy!"

Another person wrote, "With some celebrities, you can just tell how much they don't want to take a photo with you. It really was not like that with Ji Chang Wook though. He is the kindest celebrity of all time!"Ji Chang WookMeanwhile, Ji Chang Wook recently confirmed to lead a romantic comedy drama 'Please Melt Me' (literal translation) with actress Won Jina.

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