SOYOU Finds an Empty Water Bottle from North Korea While Doing a Beach Cleanup?

Jul 17, 2019

SOYOU Finds an Empty Water Bottle from North Korea While Doing a Beach Cleanup?
K-pop artist SOYOU found an empty bottle of water from North Korea while performing a beach cleanup in South Korea.

On July 17, SOYOU updated her Instagram with two new intriguing photos.

In the first photo, SOYOU was holding an empty water bottle in her hand.

Over the photo, SOYOU wrote, "Beach cleaning day", which implied the bottle came into her sight while she was cleaning up the beach.

The bottle did not look too much different from a water bottle that you could get in South Korea.

The brand was not familiar, but that could have been because there were many non-mainstream bottled water brands which were not as well-known to the public.SOYOUHowever, it turned out there was a good reason why nobody could recognize the brand.

The next photo of hers showed the other side of the label where it said, "Made in Rason."

Rason is not a South Korean city; it is a city on the northeast tip of North Korea.

Interestingly enough, the bottle had traveled hundreds of kilometers from Rason to the South Korean beach where SOYOU was.

SOYOU even wrote in surprise, "This bottle came from North Korea."

After seeing her post, a lot of people left comments such as, "What are the odds?! Wow.", "Is this for real? I can't believe it!", "Am I the only one who finds it fascinating that it has a QR code?", and so on. SOYOUMeanwhile, SOYOU features in the second season of Mnet/tvN's music show 'The Call' that started on July 5.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'soooo_you' Instagram, 'OfficialSoyou' Facebook)

(SBS Star)