Samuel's Father Reportedly Killed at His House in Mexico

Jul 18, 2019

Samuel's Father Reportedly Killed at His House in Mexico
K-pop singer Samuel's father, Jose Arredondo, was reportedly found murdered in his house in Mexico.

According to American news outlet KGET's report on July 17 (local time), Jose Arredondo was found dead in his home located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
KGETKGETHe was a car dealer who grew up in Mexico, who came to own several dealerships and a real estate agency in Bakersfield, California. 

Korean news outlets later identified the victim as Samuel's father.
SamuelSamuel once had featured on his father's auto dealership commercials when he was a child.

While the news reports did not reveal any more details regarding his death, fans expressed worries for Samuel and were concerned about his situation.

In regard to this tragic news, Brave Entertainment stated, "We saw the news reports, but there is no way for us to confirm it."
SamuelSamuel and Brave Entertainment are in a legal dispute after Samuel recently announced that he has left the agency after having his trust broken with them.

With his exclusive contract still remains, Samuel is trying to terminate his contract and to set up his own one-man agency.

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