CHUNG HA Shares Her Take on Her Dancers Being Called "Backup" Dancers

Jul 19, 2019

CHUNG HA Shares Her Take on Her Dancers Being Called "Backup" Dancers
K-pop artist CHUNG HA revealed why she hates the term 'backup dancers' and insisted that people should refer to them as what they really are―an artist.

On one recent episode of EBS FM's radio show 'Youth Communication Project: Listen' (literal translation), CHUNG HA had a time to introduce her fourth mini album 'Flourishing' which was released on June 24.
CHUNGHAWhen the host said, "It seems like you always try your best to interact with your backup dancers and enjoy your time on stage during performance," CHUNG HA replied, "That's because it's no fun if we don't interact with each other."
CHUNGHACHUNG HA continued, "You can't perform on stage all by yourself. That's why I hate the term 'backup dancers'."
CHUNGHAShe added, "Can we please take the word 'backup' out of it? I mean, there are still some people out there who keep referring to them as 'backup dancers' even though they deserve to be called an artist and contribute in every aspect of the performance."

CHUNG HA must have truly disliked that word since she kept insisting that they should stop referring to them as 'backup dancers' and should come up with a new way to call them.
CHUNGHAAccording to her manager, the reason why CHUNG HA cares so much about the people she works with is because there is a special bond between them which was created almost a decade ago.
CHUNGHACHUNG HA's manager explained, "CHUNG HA and the dancers have known each other for 10 years. Whenever they go out of town to make appearance at events or festivals, they get excited as if they are going on a trip together." 

Upon hearing this episode, her fans commented, "Never thought about it that way but now I totally see her point.", "That's very sweet of you to say so.", "Aww... My heart is just melting", and so on. 

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'ChungHa.MNHent' Facebook, 'chungha_official' Instagram)

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