Kang Daniel to Embark on Global Fan Meeting Tour

Jul 18, 2019

Kang Daniel to Embark on Global Fan Meeting Tour
K-pop artist Kang Daniel is planning to meet his fans in various cities across the globe.

On July 18, Kang Daniel's management agency KONNECT Entertainment made a surprise announcement.

The agency said, "Kang Daniel is going to kick off his fan meeting tour in August. He will be visiting different cities around the world for it."

They added, "He will first make a stop in Singapore on August 16, then Hong Kong on August 18. There will be more shows after that. Further details will soon be announced."Kang DanielAlong with the announcement, the agency unveiled a poster for the fan meeting tour that boosted fans' excitement even more.

The poster showed an adorable photo of Kang Daniel along with some information about the upcoming tour.

The photo was of Kang Daniel cutely biting the tip of a yellow rose while putting his hand right by it to catch the rose in case he failed to keep it still in the air.

In the right bottom corner, it says, "2019.08.16 Singapore. 2019.08.18 Hong Kong. To be continued..."Kang DanielKang DanielSince Kang Daniel is making solo debut this month, a lot of fans expected some sort of fan event to take place in the near future.

However, nobody had thought it would happen this soon that everyone just became so hyped up after hearing the news. Kang DanielMeanwhile, Kang Daniel is scheduled to make solo debut with an album 'color on me' on July 25.

(Lee Narin, Credit= KONNECT Entertainment)

(SBS Star)