Yoona Expresses Thanks to Cho Jung Seok for Being the Best Partner

Jul 18, 2019

Yoona Expresses Thanks to Cho Jung Seok for Being the Best Partner
K-pop girl group Girls' Generation's member/actress Yoona expressed her gratitude to actor Cho Jung Seok, the co-star of her upcoming film 'EXIT'.

On July 17, the production team of 'EXIT' held a press conference at one cinema in Yongsan-gu, Seoul to draw media attention and build expectation towards the movie.
Yoona & Cho Jung SeokOn this day, Yoona said, "I got a lot of help from Cho Jung Seok. The reason 'Eui Joo' (Yoona's character) was able to shine was because 'Yong Nam' (Cho Jung Seok's character) was there to help her. I'd like to thank him once again."

Yoona added, "There were lots of scenes where we had to run, hang on to something, and work together, and he gave me a pep talk and energy to go on every time we were about to film a difficult scene."
Yoona & Cho Jung SeokShe continued, "Also, Cho Jung Seok had some great idea as he is talented at acting. He gave me a lot of good advice regarding the scenes where we had to show our chemistry. He was the best partner I could've ever asked for."
Yoona & Cho Jung SeokThen Cho Jung Seok said, "I had to do my best while filming the running scenes because Yoona was really fast. I even asked her how long does it take for her to run 100m. The reason we had an amazing chemistry was because she was incredibly athletic."
Yoona & Cho Jung SeokThe film 'EXIT' will cover the story of 'Yong Nam', an ex-member of one college hiking club who has been unemployed for years and 'Eui Joo', his friend from university who ran into him at his mother's 70th birthday party.

Meanwhile, 'EXIT' is scheduled to hit theaters on July 31.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= CJ Entertainment, SBS funE)

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