Ji Sung Makes the Sweetest Remark Demonstrating His Endless Love for Lee Bo Young

Jul 18, 2019

Ji Sung Makes the Sweetest Remark Demonstrating His Endless Love for Lee Bo Young
Actor Ji Sung's past remark about his wife actress Lee Bo Young is once again attracting the public's attention for its sweetness.

On July 18, Ji Sung guested on SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Park Sun-young's Cinetown'.

During the opening, the host Park Sun-young said, "Thank you for joining me today, Ji Sung. You know, I just can't forget one of the things that you said the last time you were here. It was such an amazing thing to say."Ji SungJi Sung smiled shyly knowing what Park Sun-young was about to say while she continued talking, "For those of you who doesn't know, let me tell you what he said. At that time, I asked Ji Sung which seat he thought was the best seat in a movie theater. His answer was..."

Park Sun-young giggled and continued, "He said, 'I'm happy to sit anywhere, really. It doesn't matter where I sit, because the best seat for me is a seat next to Bo Young.' Do you remember saying this at all, Ji Sung?"

Ji Sung responded, "I do. I'm usually not so good at talking, but after I said that on that day, I was like, 'Oh, that was a nice one.'"

Park Sun-young commented, "I honestly think it's the sweetest thing one can say. Gosh, it's just so sweet."Ji SungJi SungBack in 2013, Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young got married after six years of dating each other.

They have two children together; a daughter who was brought to the world in 2015 and a son this February.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS POWER FM Park Sun-young's Cinetown, Kim Hyun-chul/SBS funE)

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