Byul Shares Lovely Message About Her & HAHA's New Daughter

Jul 19, 2019

Byul Shares Lovely Message About Her & HAHA's New Daughter
Singer Byul updated her social media for the first time after giving birth to her third child.

On July 18, Byul shared a message on Instagram about the birth of her third child, Song-yi.
ByulByul shared a photo of Song-yi's first footprints and wrote, "July 15, 2019. 12:47 PM. Our lovable Song-yi has been born."

She continued, "Thanks to all your support and prayers, I was able to have a natural childbirth. The three-day-old Song-yi is eating and sleeping well. She is as sweet as sweet can be (for now). She is currently doing well in the hospital's newborn unit. I want to sincerely thank everyone who congratulated us."
ByulByul finished her message by expressing her thanks to fellow mothers out there who supported her during her pregnancy.

She wrote, "During my pregnancy, it was also a great source of strength and comfort to receive support from other mothers of multiple children. This is just the start, right? Let's stay strong together! To all the moms who are happy to be a mother. Fighting!"
HAHA, ByulFollowing their marriage in 2012, Byul and singer/entertainer HAHA welcomed their two sons, Dream and Soul in 2013 and 2017, and Song-yi is their first daughter.

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